Learn how to make the most of your relationship with the media

Impartial advice from professional writers and working journalists, covering the essential information every business needs to know to get exposure and generate interest with influential media outlets.

  • How to write a press release that gets journalists' attention
  • The best practice for interviews: what you must and must not do!
  • Handling media attention during a crisis
  • What makes a story newsworthy? How to find your angle
  • Choosing the most suitable way to share important company updates
  • Using Twitter mentions to build affinity with your potential clients

The above are just a few of the vital skills every company should learn. The media is powerful, it can make or break you. Controlling your message is one of the most important practices for any business right now.

Over the coming months, we'll be producing a series of instruction videos on our YouTube channel, dealing with the key points anyone wanting to build a brand - whether it be personal or a company - should know. 

At Tybridge Media we train companies from the perspective of us as working journalists and content creators. The advice is impartial and intended to forge good relationships between businesses, journalists and the media. The gap is closing and it's extremely important to be ahead of the pack. That's where our professional knowledge and contacts will help you.

For more information on our media training and consultancy services get in touch and we'll be happy to help!